Disability Proud Croydon 2020

On Saturday 20th June 2020 we are planning to host a brand new event in Croydon
called “Disability Proud Croydon” which is to celebrate the positive contribution that
disabled people have in our community.

We intend to have a parade and entertainment in Croydon High Street. There will be
stalls and information stands regarding accessing transport, retail, employment and
health services. We see this event to focus on the person and not the barrier.

We think our efforts would go even further with you as one of our official corporate
sponsors. In this role, we hope that your business would provide a donation, and in
turn we would promote your company as one of the event’s official sponsors. We
would also be able to offer you a free stand to promote your business. The value of
the purple pound is £249b. This is the collective spending power of disabled people,
so your investment into our event will reap the reward by tapping into it.

With you by our side at this upcoming event, we are sure to achieve our fundraising
goal and serve “Disability Proud Croydon” well. If your company is interested in being
one of our official event sponsors, please reach out to us at either
emma@letstalkdisability.co.uk or uniqueability2017@gmail.com . We are really
looking forward to hearing from you as we cannot put this event on without you.